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No Survey. 100% working and no errors. All working. Excellent program for the proffesional. 1-2 days for the full working. FOR THE FINAL. Video walk-through of the program. The program contains 150 fully working screens. You can purchase the program after watching the video Regards, -Tero Valkeamäki Full time programmer for 4 years. Note: I will only respond to emails about the program. Contact info: +35840902870Russia plans to test its own neural-net-based robot in August, according to local media. The prototype will be able to identify images, objects and faces. It will be developed by the Moscow Institute of Electronics and Computer Technology (MIEC) along with the Russian State Polytechnic University (GPP). The robot is described as a "robotic face recognizer" which can identify people, and carry out social chats and carry out interrogations. The robot will be able to “recognize a person, answer questions, learn and show what it has seen.” The robot will be able to recognize people, objects, faces, and carry out interrogations The research on brain-computer interface technology was in high demand for security services in Russia. After President Vladimir Putin was reelected for a fourth term in March, he launched a new order of service in the army, which will use modern technologies. They will be used to stop suicide bombers. Meanwhile, Russia has been heavily investing in research and development on neural networks. In 2018, a brain-computer interface (BCI) was tested in Russia. The experiments were conducted with eight volunteers who had been taking part in brain-computer interface research for over 15 years. The Russian Defense Ministry is working on a similar project, with the aim of creating a BCI computer for remote-controlled robotic helpers. The robot will be able to identify enemy targets, communicate with other devices, and control small robots. Russia has also been investing in the development of neural networks for years. The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology has been working on a new neural network. The development of the “learning field computer” was unveiled in 2017. “With such a system, the machine will be able to understand and “communicate” with




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